Why .. If a women swam in a pool of sperm...?

If a women swam in a pool of sperm, would a tampon protect her from getting pregnant? Or what else would. This a just a random question btw, I was inspired to ask it by another funadvice question

Answer #1

Haha imagine how many thousands of guys would be needed for enough sperm to fill the pool in less than 30 minutes!

Then again the tampon would probly just absorb the sperm the same way it does the blood… Kinda like an artificial penis in you lol. Home straight for the sperm from there.

Answer #2

Well the pool would have to be filled with fresh sperm that hasn’t been out of the body for more than like 30 mins. After about 30 mins sperm dies.

Answer #3

No. Sperm would die…

Answer #4

Why would someone swim in a pool of sperm? lol No, a tampon isn’t a form of birth control.

Answer #5

She’d come out looking pretty gross and not smelling to pretty either.

Answer #6

the pill would be her best bet and no, a tampon wound not assist in birth control

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