Who has a special place they like to go to where they feel calm or peaceful?

I love the beach at night. Or the everglades at night, you can see all the stars and it’s really quiet.

Answer #1

i dooo

Answer #2

I like to lie down in the grass sometimes and look at the stars. Or I like to stand out in the rain when everyone else is scared to be outside…

Answer #3

i like to sit on top of my gpa’s or dad’s car and look at the stars or lay under my cherry tree its so peaceful.

Answer #4

The forest. Nothing is more peaceful to me than a walk in the woods with my dogs. Pure joy!

I also enjoying walking on the beach at night (The beach is a two minute walk from my house), but sadly my dogs always drink the lake water and when we come home they have super stinky farts, so much for being calm!! ; )

Answer #5

yes do that its rellaxing and cal and can help u think and if u cant go nowere just listen to ur music

Answer #6

I like to take walks on trails to try and relax

Answer #7

This huge field next to my house, just like lying there in the grass.

Answer #8

i like going to the football field. it’s actually very peaceful there, and whenever i go nobody else is there. i like to lay on the grass and look at the sky and hear cars go by.

Answer #9

anywhere looking/is outside. especially if looking at trees, water, or grass/plants.

Answer #10

I get some friends and go wander around at night (when its dark)

Answer #11

Since its not always so easy to just escape my house and go somewhere when the stress of life, motherhood, pregnancy, or anything else comes along i lock myself in the bathroom and run a nice warm bubble bath. I even use my sons elmo bath water tabs and turn it into a sweet smelling hot pink bubble bath. Then i just turn some music on and lay there and enjoy the water.

Answer #12

The roof… I would just lay there and look at the sky, thinking about things. If I’m having a bad day, people will even mention it lol.

Answer #13

I like going down to the river, at my uncle’s place. When I’m down there, all I can hear is the water going and wind blowing through the trees. When it’s sunny, it’s even better. I usually get lost in the beauty there and forget about everything else that’s going on. It’s so relaxing.

Answer #14

bath room…

Answer #15

bath room, bath tub.

Answer #16

I have my own world inside my mind. I know it sounds crazy, but when I am upset I can literally disappear into my own head. I don’t have a place where I can go to to think.

Answer #17

The beach, anywhere near water :)

Answer #18

I like to wander around at night - at least in the summer - not quite as enjoyable with 3ft of snow on the ground. I used to spend a lot of time at my best mates house and we would wonder around his field and the woods at 2am or so. We would BS and spend the night sparing. Come back battered and bruises but it took all the stress of life away. But I haven’t got to do that in a long time. Life as just got too busy for us.

So now I like to go some place where I can listen to my music nice and loud. Turn on some Metallica and life seems a lot easier. its my opinion there is nothing in life large doses of Metallica can’t make me feel better about.

Answer #19

there’s this beach about an hour away from glasgow (prob less) called prestwick beach, it’s really quiet freezing and not your average beach but i love it

Answer #20

I like to go to the salon to get my nails filled and a pedicure. Just relaxing and doing something for myself is a nice change from my busy life.

Answer #21

Ive always wanted to just lay on a roof. Im sure if i could it would be my favourite spot. but i dont have easy access to mine.

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