How far do you think the human race has explored space? (really) ?

We all get told about the shuttle programs and all that…but thats just it. We get told what they want us to hear. Any ideas about the truth of it all?

Answer #1

I think we would be rather ignorant to assume we know all about what’s out there, or that we are all that is out there. I think we have only just begun to scrape the very surface of what is yet to be discovered. I can’t imagine that space just comes to an end - there surely isnt some wall that puts a stop to it. It could go on and on and on for god knows how far and we have no idea what lurks in those depths - it’s fascinating, and it also boggles the mind just thinking about it.

Answer #2

To be honest the americans claim they went to the moon and theres a been a fair bit of “evidence” which shows it was a setup, but it would be pretty hard to get away with that, firstly the russians were in a space race with them and they would have been the first to spill the beans on america if there was any such real evidence, and secondly they did take off and they were apparently tracked for a bit until they were too far but I cannot be sure if that was true, in reality im just as lost as you

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