What do you know about south korea?

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It is home to one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, Seoul. It holds a decent place on the quality-of-life index, so living there must not be too bad. Tae kwon do was developed there if martial arts is your thing. The border they share with North Korea is one of the most heavily occupied millitary zones in the world. I could go on and on, was there any topic in particular you were interested in?

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nah scott, jsut korea is not as know in the world as Japan or china, yet it has some of the best things on par if not higher than japan and china :)

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South Korea was separated from North Korea during the world war when they decided to become democratic and join the UN.

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how about, national flower is the rose of sharron, the national food is Kimchi (at least one of them) many good and reliable famliy cars come frm Korea, hyundai, kia. Many hi quality, electronic companies come frm korea, Samsung, LG. Korean Kpop Korean dramas. handsome guys ( at least i think so xD)

The japanese occupation of korea.

Korea banning japanese anime/ manga hetalia from featuring Korea, as they thought its a crminal act against Korea.

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