Why is south dakota mulling the 'justifiable homicide' bill?

I didn't realize that we wanted to legislate WHEN it's ok to go 'round kiliing folks....doesn't this seem a bit sick and wrong to you?

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They are trying to prevent ab*rtions, attempting making it legal to kill doctors who perform ab*rtions! Phil Jensen said, when asked if he was trying to pass the law to kill pro-ab*rtionists, "Say an ex-boyfriend who happens to be father of a baby doesn't want to pay child support for the next 18 years, and he beats on his ex-girfriend's abdomen in trying to abort her baby. If she did kill him, it would be justified. She is resisting an effort to m*rder her unborn child." I can't say whether I would or wouldn't have an ab*rtion because I do not have children and don't know what that love is like.

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Wow i had not heard of this. That is absolutly insane in my opinion. The phrase "justifiable homicide" is absurd. There should never be a justified reason to k!ll a person, regardless of what they have done. When we start k!lling others for their wrong doings - we become just as guilty as they are.

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Wow, I just read about it. The stated purpose of the bill doesn't make sense. Its already legal to defend someone from an attacker, so what is the real purpose of this bill. Some fear it is aimed at ab*rtion providers. South Dakota sure is backwards. Instead of worrying about their economy (SD is one of the poorest states in the nation), the waste time on nonsense like this...

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Hand waving and sensationalism...best way to make people forget about their crummy circumstance. At least, that's my guess here.

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When conservatives failed to get a flag burning amendment passed they some tried to pass laws that shielded people from prosecution who attack flag burners. It was an invitation for vigilantism. The justification for the laws were that flag burning is so provocative to patriotic Americans that they may not be able to control themselves and shouldn't be held accountable for what they do.

Apparently the verbiage of the proposed law has already been changed to protect someone defending their own unborn child. the example that felician presents is what they claim for it to cover. Do they really have a lot women beaten in order to induce an miscarriage? Wouldn't existing self-defense laws shield pregnant mothers from prosecution if they killed their attacker?

I suspect that the goal of the bill is more subtle than to legalize assassination of doctors. By adding bills that expand the rights of zygotes, embryos, and fetuses they are inching closer to recognising "unborn children" as full citizens and forcing women to serve as human incubators for 9 months for a child she doesn't want.

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