Sore nipple and breasts hurts. pregnant?

My nipples are soring and my breasts hurts. Does that mean that I'm pregnant? But I experience no other signs of being pregnant. Is is normal for someone to have sore nipples? My period starts on the 18th every month (It's 14 days from now.)

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People forget that 10 year olds are doing it these days. Not suprised.

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never mind about my question I think I know the answer I just took of my bra and now I feel a lot better so I think my bra was on to tight. XD

Sore Nipples
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I am 13 last month 14 days befor my period there was brown on my underwear and now a month later my nipples and breasts are hurting. my nipples have a little bruse and I am a virgin. I don't know what to do help?

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you're what, twelve, thirteen?


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You could have all the symptoms of a pregnancy or none at all - and that still would not tell if you are pregnant or not.

The only way to tell is to wait it out and take a pregnancy test.

Both breast are sore for last 2-3 days???
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It doesn't for sure mean you're pregnant, but they are signs.
Some people experience a lot of different signs and others experience zero. You might be ovulating because ~14 days before your period is usually when that happens depending on your cycle. Some women do experience sore breasts/nipples during ovulation.
Just wait for your expected period and take a test, if you want to find out sooner you can go get a blood test from the doctor.

One sore nipple and brown period
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well my last period was the 5th last month its now the 9th and my breasts are getting bigger as I was a 34b to a 36c already and my nipples are sore can eny 1 help ?

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