What are some good lil wayne songs?

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I recommend pu$$y monster..its one of my fave songs..-_-

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Duffle Bag Boy
A millie
Mrs. Officer
go dj
fire man
3 peat
cash money millionaires
got money
playing with fire
phone home
bring it back
I'm me
mr. carter
money on my mind
love me or hate me AND MANY MORE

What are some good lil wayne songs?

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I like Prom Queen. :)

lil wayne
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Baaallliiin =D

what do you think of lil wayne!!

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Duffle Bag Boy
Prom Queen

lil waynes secret message in the song I feel like dying
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im me,
somethinq you forgot (remix)
im yours (remix)
push (ft enqurie:D)

Lollipop by lil wayne what do you think about the song?

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im not sure but lolipop and apologize (remix) and yeahhh! =]]

Whats the best lil wayne song???

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