What are some good relationship songs by lil wayne, or drake?

I dont really like the weird rap kinda of songs with a crappy beat, i like it to be slow with a good beat or fast with a good beat with good lyrics relating to relationships. :)

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Drake- Find your love.

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Best I Ever Had - Drake

lil wayne

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Umm that are actually relationship or just sex? Lol but umm seriously:
find your love-drake
what's my name-Rihanna ft. Drake
best I ever had-drake
mrs officer-lil Wayne

I need some good songs
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Lil Wayne and Mario - Crying out for me. Lil Wayne and Nivea - Feeling me. Lil Wayne - Something you forgot. Lil Wayne - Turning me on. Is there a reason your just looking for drake and lil wayne..there are far better love rap and r&b songs out there by other artists. Try Akon ft. Micheal Jackson - Take my hand. Bone Thugs N Harmony - I tried. Eminem ft. Lil Wayne - No love. Keysha Cole and P. Diddy - Last Night. Shontelle - Tshirt and my panties on. Lil Boosie - Nobody.

Lil Wayne Lyrics: Filet Mignon

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Drake-Miss Me ,
Drake-Im still fly,
Lil Wayne-The sky is the limit
Lil Wayne-Right Above It

Songs about On/Off relationships.
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Drake- brand new


lil wayne [:

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Lil Wayne - prom qreen

All the songs lil wayne and birdman have been in together?
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sooner than later - drake

Anybody got any good songs?

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Wow those guys are overrated and old.

whats a good song saying...
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Who knows a good remake of a song?
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Drop The World and No Love by Lil Wayne (:

Whats a song that explains the relationship between an older brother and younger sister?
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something you forgot - lil wayne

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Single - Lil Wayne
First Time - Marques Houston

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No love- lil wayne ft. Eminem
Fall for your type- Drake
Messages From you- Drake
I get Lonely too- Drake
Do it All- Drake

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