What are the best lil wayne songs? or any rap songs?

I need some good rap songs. what are the best lil wayne songs? or any good rap songs? I really like lil wayne. and I’ve heard about tech n9ne does anyone know about them? please help

Answer #1

okay well number one lil wayne song is pussy money weed.but a milli is good so is prom queen..uk any of his songs are amazing I saw him in concert last yr he’s awesome.eminem is good too,like beautiful by eminem,or not afraid is really really good.(:

Answer #2

the best lil wayne song is his part in roger that I love lil wayne too but my favorite is plize!!! she got it made is one of plize songs I looove it

Answer #3

real stuff go back to the 90s

Answer #4

Paul Wall. Lil Keke. Z-Ro. Trae. Killa Kyleon. Slim Thug. Spm. Bun B.

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