Why do I feel like something is around me?

I have recently had a bat in my room and then killed it.since that night I have been hearing,seeing,and feeling like there is someone/something around me. its not just in my room ethier.I am wondering if you might know what it is because im so scared to sleep in my room or even in the living room. when im in my room I feel like there is something like that bat flying over me. I always hear werid sounds and like werid shadows on my ceiling.then I get up and leave and its not there. im not understanding it. please let me know if its something I should be worried about???thanks.

Answer #1

Have someone else sleep in your room and see what they think?

I would be doing some prayers for it to be going away.

Also cleanse your room with holy water or a sage stick.

Answer #2

The mind is a very powerful thing. Your fear was triggered after the bat incident. Since then, your fear has been getting the best of you. Theres probably nothing around you, its all in your head. Nice to know how our mind is a trip, huh?

Answer #3

The bat scared you. . . Your feeling is common. you subconcious mind tells you something may be around when your concious mind knows differant. . . it’s standard habit of a phobia. . You should see a doctor if it continues after a few weeks.

Answer #4

maybe your mind is bugging you to say sorry to it just say sorry to the dead bat out loud it might sound weird but it just might work!:)

Answer #5

I think it could definatly be subconcious. get your partner, a friend or a family member to stay over, that way if the yexperience the same, you know your definatly not imagining it. hope your okay erin x

Answer #6

Maybe you subconciously feel guilty about killing it. =/ Just a guess…

Answer #7

YUU KILLED A BAT THATS HORRIBLE! the bat didnt do anything to yuu


yuur prob feeling soory 4 yuurself! <— I hope thats what it is!!! x

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