Why is my computer screen half the size it should be?

My computer screen got little and its like half screen now. How can I make it get to its normal size?

Answer #1


It’s probably your screen’s resolution. You can fix this by going to your desktop, right clicking on an empty part of the desktop, then going to properties, click on settings, and then adjust the “screen resolution” slider to make your screen the correct size again.

let me know if you need help.

Hope that helps.

Answer #2

Depends on when it is half size. If it’s when you start your computer the monitor may need adjusted, there’s usually three buttons on the bottom of your monitor to let you adjust it. Check your operations manual. If it when you open a browser like IE Explorer, you may need to right click on the icon, then properties and in the run window set it to maximized, and then apply then OK. If your desktop curtain is small you can go into the display properties(right click in the middle of the desk top and then properties), click on desktop and stretch the position drop down..

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