Am I having little heart attacks?

Ok so these past couple days I have been feeling really weird.. like I feel like I have been having heart attacks.. little ones.. like the other night I was getting so hot and then I had my fan blowing on me and I felt like I couldnt breath and my lungs collapsing and then I stood up and walked to the other room but my legs felt like they wanted to cave in and make me fall.. I have never had this happen to me before and im freaked out. Does anyone know what this might be and caused from? Please help thanks.

Answer #1

Yes I agree, go and see your doctor, you cannot leave it. It can be severe heartburn but all the same see your GP

Answer #2

Dear ineedhelp1, You must see your doctor ASAP…the body is very efficient at letting us know that something is wrong. Your symptoms can be from the flu to a panic attack and lots in between so only a professional after examination will be able to tell you what your problem is. Even if don’t experience this again it needs to be documented with your doctor. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

you should see a doctor or something,but make sure some1 is with u at all times

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