why do people say guess what?

When you text, why do people say guess what when they know the other persons just going to say what!!!

Answer #1

to build supense.

haha. I do it to my boyfriend.

Answer #2


Answer #3

Actually…it’s to build suspense.

Answer #4

I know. its so annoying when people do that. x

Answer #5

Hm, I think it’s just something that has been overused in society over time and has lost meaning, but still is used in conversation when somebody has something to tell. So basically, we just say it out of habit.

Answer #6

are you worried about paying an extra 20cents because yoru not on a plan? cause I gotten worse messages I had to pay for that just said, “ hi, just saying hi cause im bored” and they’re sitting right next to me XD

Answer #7

To make you wondwe what is so important. I think these people you talk about are starving for attention and need to be built up. lmao

Answer #8

yeah typically people say “Guess What” in excitement to tell you somethin importnat, lol but I know what you mean, it can get kind of annoying, like when ever I say something to someone like “wow its sunny outside” they say “I KNOW HUH?” and its like “uhh yeah,,I guess you do?” lol some phrases are just overused and as a society we are just expectted to ignore it or let it go…like a rhetorical question!

Answer #9

well I agree with hannah its just out of habbit and los meaning… :) maybe just to check out the attention to our listener :)

Answer #10

Very good question! I think they say this because 1. they learned it from other friends or their parents or someone in their family and so they do it unconsciously. 2. they do it because they enjoy teaching others. 3. it gives them a sense of helping others to improve themselves 4. it makes them feel they have something to offer others that will please them or benefit them in some way.
Now, why did you ask this question? Perhaps you like to learn more about people’s motives so you would make a great psychologist. Or, perhaps you have a very good analytical mind. Please have a good day now.

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