Why do people say I found it in the last place I looked?

Of course it is the last place you look. When you find it, why would you keep looking for it?

Answer #1

Lol… good question. :P

Answer #2

Thanks, just thrown it out there.

Answer #3

When people say that, it is not meant to be taken in the literal sense you are giving it. It generally means that they had a hard time finding it and so looked everywhere they could think of, but whatever they were searching for was in quite a random place they would not generally think to try. So, they tried the places it should be first, but it was not there, so it was the lasty place they would think of looking (somewhere they were not considering it would be) that it turned up in.

Answer #4

Good question

Answer #5

well usually this is said after a very long time searching so youd never guess it was in that place all along….

Answer #6

It only emphases that the speaker has been looking for it in many different places, not on the first place. Well you know… after going around… around… around… then you found it, LOL

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