What happens if i smoke around 80 cigarettes in my whole life, how does it affects me?

i know that wont give me cancer of any kind..will my heart and circulatory system will be damage forever? how long will it take for all the nicotine to exit my body and my heart rate be as normal as it used to be and all that? (no sermons)

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no one knows for sure. some people smoke their whole life and are fine, while others it harms and kills.

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Smoking can hurt your body in ways you never knew possible. Not only does it turn your teeth yellow or brown, but it also MIGHT give you lung cancer. Like Benny on George Lopez said, it does shorten your life.

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Smoking harms your body even if its just for a short while. It doesnt only hurt your lungs and heart, it affects your esophogus, throat, teeth, gums, and lips also. Your doing harm even with one ciggarette...our lungs arent meant to breathe in smoke. The sooner you stop the lower your chances are of having a smoke related disease or condition...but that doesnt mean the risk is gone. You only have one set of lungs...why ruin them?

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Nicotine takes anywhere from three to four days to completely leave your system, but it's said that every cigarette you smoke takes eleven minutes off your life. It doesn't seem like a lot, but for 80 cigarettes, that's about thirty seven days. If you think about it, when you're in your last days it doesn't matter all that much, but the more you smoke, the more it adds up.

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yah my great grandma smoke roll your owns since she was 14, and drank nothing but black coffee and whiskey...she lived to be 90, stroke and all :p. But I think they grew then tougher back then :P.

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well it will effect anyone especially your breathing for sure or in more serious cases cancer or heart attacks i smoke myself and my breathing is terrible and also makes your teeth yellow and low energy . but 80 ciggerettes aint that much really considerin that people can smoke up to 40 a day ,

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Peter Jennings, the news guy, hadn't smoked in 35 years and never much when he did and he died of lung cancer anyway. Everyone was shocked.

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