I cut down on smoking cigarettes for the past week, and now...

I cut down on smoking cigarettes for the past week.. and now...

I just threw up. It was black, I believe it was tar... but I don't know. Its just, I have never thrown up or had any problems the whole time I smoked (for the past three years now). Now that I am quitting, and not smoking as much, I am having lung problems? What the...? I don't know, is this normal? Am I going to be okay? Because it seems to me that I am getting sick, from not smoking. I know there is a such thing as withdrawl and I knew this was going to be hard, but I didnt think I would be throwing up on top of all that... Help!!

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I love how the average idiot can give medical advice online! Haha!

Obviously, ethmer has not suffered through "quitter's flu", a flu-like period where you are actually going through nicotine withdrawal. During the withdrawal period, your body makes excess amounts of mucus to help you clear nicotine, tar, and other chemicals from your body. This extra mucus makes most people throw up. So, this is actually pretty typical.

BOTTOM LINE: Please do yourself a service and TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. Don't trust your health to possibly unqualified strangers on the internet.

Congrats on cutting down and I hope that you too can quit smoking with proper medical help and the support of your friends and family.

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Quitting smoking would not make you throw up. Something else caused that.

If your vomit was black and you hadn't recently eaten anything that was black, then it is possible that you have an ulcer in your esophagus or stomach that has been bleeding. Blood will often be dark black when it has been in the stomach.

If you continue to vomit black vomit, OR if you notice black stools, kinda like black coffee grounds, then it is time for you to consult with your doctor.

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Most definitly normals. The same thing happened to me. I only threw up 3 times. I was smoking for almost 5 years. It could also depend on how long you've been smoking. if it lasts more than 3 days, see a doctor.

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