What happens if you don't inhale the smoke of a cigarette or a cigar?

..today i smoked my first cigarette and my first cigar..i didnt inhale the smoke just once of twice..but what is the effect of just blowing the smoke from your mouth? are you still inhaling the nicotine? that doesnt affect my lungs at all? can i still
get tongue or mouth cancer?

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It's still causing problems in your mouth though. I used to do that when i was young to look cook, i'd fake inhailing. Just dont even smoke it's seriously pointless.

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It could still mess up your mouth or your throat or both. Smoking is bad for you, regardless of whether you inhale it all the way into your lungs.

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Nicotine the chemical which gives you the 'buzz' from smoking cigarettes along with other chemicals in cigarettes can in fact be absorbed through the gums without you actually inhaling, now it will be a substantially less amount that will be absorbed but nevertheless it could potentially still cause gum disease and even potentially cancer if done over a long period of time. I wouldn't worry too much if this was only your first time to smoke, and just for future reference your suppose to inhale cigarettes, but you are only supposed to puff on cigars (without inhaling), one because cigars contain a much larger amount of nicotine then cigarettes which allows enough to be absorbed through the gums to still give a comfortable buzz, while cigarettes (though still containing a decent bit of nicotine) has quite a bit less then cigars and requires you to inhale the smoke to actually gain any sort of buzz at all. Just fyi. Hope this helped, and for future reference don't pick up smoking I smoked cigarettes from when I was 13 til' I was almost 19, it's a terribly addicting habit and I still after quitting almost 6 months ago still have the urge to smoke pretty regularly especially when I'm around people who are, and nothing comes good from it, you get a miniscule buzz that last maybe a few minutes if your a regular smoker, though I got to the point where I didn't get one at all, I'd have to chain smoke to get anything from smoking. It's just stupid and expensive and overall the the little enjoyment you get out of it really isn't worth the detrimental effects to your lungs, mouth, and throat.

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ok just to make clear to everyone!..i inhaled few times, i didnt want to inhale the whole cigarette and the whole cigar cuz i didnt want all that smoke to go to my lungs..i just did it to try it PERIOD

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If you just did it to try it, don't worry about getting cancer... unless you plan on doing it again. Cigars are disgusting.. bleh

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Yes because the chemicals will still be absorbed by the oral mucosa. And it's very difficult not to inhale the smoke, so there is a risk of getting lung cancer.

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