What are the best smelling lotions and soaps?

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peach lotions and green tea soaps thats my fovarite smell i hope that i helped

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I like the citrus scents... like lemon, orange etc...
Soap wise, I would go with Dove bar soap, only cause of the moisturizing factor. I love it.

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how does Hemp Lotion smell?
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victoria secret lotions are awesome,bath and body lotions smell so good soap is awesome to.

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I had this lotion (unfort. I ran out ='( ) that literally drawed the boys in (my guy friends would ask for hugs lol ) it was called "Blackberry Vanilla" lotioon by Bath & Body Works, it smells amazing! =D <3

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I really like "twilight woods" from bath and bodyworks(= hope this helps

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Cucumber melon lotion smells real good

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I recently started using Suave milk and honey splash soap and brown sugar vanilla lotion from wal-mart. It smells HEAVENLY and you can get both for about five bucks (:

But it really just depends on who's 'best' you're talking about...

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