Sleepy time tea?

Has anyone had it? I need something to get me tired, I take high caffeine pills during the day so I need to relax during the night. Just want to know if it gets you sleepy.

Answer #1

you can generally go to a store that specializes in teas and they can give you special tea… but sometiems you have to be a certain age to buy certain teas because of the ingrediants.

Answer #2

hmm eating a lot makes you tired because all the blood rushes to your stomach making you sleepy

Answer #3

oh alright, thats good enough for me, thanks =]

Answer #4

yeah I drink it. I wouldn’t say it makes you extrememly tired- but it relaxes you.

Answer #5

lol, your welcome.

Answer #6

It’s the chamomile that makes you feel relaxed :) Any tea with chamomile will do that.

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