Are night contacts breathable enough to wear all night, or are there any negative side effects for using them?

I am refering to the contacts you wear all night and not need to wear in the morning. My mom is concerned that they are not breathable enough for 8 hours of sleep.

Answer #1

there not really that safe. All contacts block oygen from getting in your which can lead to bloodshot eyes & to infections….So you should really not wear any @ night so your eyes can breathe & b healthy :]

Answer #2

They’ve been tested and it says they should be fine to wear while sleeping. Personally (and I realize this makes no sense), my eyes get dry with the night and day far more quickly than they did with acuvue oasis. I wouldn’t wear them 24/7. But again, the tests say they are supposed to be fine with continuous wear.

Answer #3

Not really. Wearing contact lenses kind of sets up a barrier that reduces the amount of oxygen received by the cornea of the eye. The lack of oxygen can increase the risk of serious eye infections.There was a study done on this…the study showed that wearing contacts at night increased the risk of an eye infection, which can result in corneal scarring and even blindness. The likeliness of the infection was found to be higher in those wearing extended wear lenses that were left in overnight compared to those who used lenses designed only for day wear.

Answer #4

I would not. But thats just me, you might wake up with red, stinging eyes, why would you wanna wear them too? You are sleep lol.

Answer #5

Unless you are wearing lenses specifically approved for overnight wear and are wearing them to the schedule prescribed by your eye-doctor the fact that you might get away with an occasional nap in your lenses in no way guarantees you will be able to sleep routinely in your lenses without paying a price. The problem is that contact lenses restrict the flow of oxygen to the surface of your eye (the cornea), and the longer you wear the lenses, the longer the flow of oxygen is restricted. In extreme cases of over-wearing lenses, new veins grow out into the cornea as the body attempts to correct for the lack of oxygen.

If you want to sleep in your lenses, you should start by telling your doctor, and asking him/her to prescribe a suitable lens. So what lenses are approved for overnight wear? Many of the new silicone hydrogels are approved, including the Focus Night & Day, which is the only lens approved for a full 30-days of wear. There are also numerous conventional (hema) soft lenses that are approved for up to 7 days of extended wear – all of the major manufacturers offer such lenses. Check with your doctor, perhaps you are already wearing such a lens. Ciba makes an air-permeable lens you can get a free trial for here: [link removed] The general consensus is no. You risk much by wearing contacts period. Especially if you don’t use common sense, like putting a contact you just picked up off of the floor in.

Answer #6

you mean the orthokeratology ones? Some of them have been known to cause problems with hypoxia, but if you make sure you get ones that are made using materials with high oxygen permeability it should be fine.

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