Is size 14.. the normal size for a 14 year old girl.?

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When I meet my wife at 20 she was a 0.

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14 in what? Juniors..misses..young girls? If its a 14 in juniors or misses then honestly, no, 14 is a bit over weight. You need to start eating healthier and getting out of the house and excercising.

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your still growing.. dont even worry about your size until your at least 18.. because its going to fluctuate often. thats why i hate it when younger girls go on diets is because they are only hurting their body, adults go on diets because they arent growing any longer and they need to shed some pounds. so honestly dont even worry about your size cuz guys your age dont give a crap.

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im 14 as well and i understand the pressure of looking or acting a certain weight. but i have some clothes in a size 6 and some in a 14 so it depends on the brandds and quality. but if your truly unhappy just eat healthily, exercise and dont go on any crazy diets because they just damage you. you have to respect your body. hope i helped :)

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Randy hall - There is a difference between going on a diet and changing your eating habits. I would never tell a growing teen to diet, but at 14 years old if her weight is requiring a size 14 jeans that is over weight and her eating habits do need to be looked into. You dont have too starve yourself and not eat to lose weight. She should talk to a nutritionist and learn healthier eating habits regardless of her age. Its never too soon to start eating better and to excercise and be healthy.

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thank you!!! no diets!!! at least some kids know....

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of course, but there is also the fact of the matter that with the whole diet phase going around with the teens and adults alike people can get confused. but still, she IS still growing, which means her body is changing, which means she can still grow. when i was her age i grew a foot in one summer, and my weight evened out. there is a SUPER fine line between eating right and dieting. how can you not see that? its been an issue for years now, its just nobody wants to see it because the ADULTS want diets so THEY can lose their weight, and the kids want to be like adults so they diet and hurt the growing process.

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i'm size 12 jeans & 12/14 tops..

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your VERY welcome!

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i was a size 18at 14 but now i am 17 and i wear a size 9 and all i did was workout harder in conditioning and keep going in physical education

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i think that is a fine size to be you will eventually lose weight as you grow its perfectly normal as long as its not causing you any health probems

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Girls don't usually growth spurt the way boys do. It's more gradual.

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yes exactly....... which is why its worse for girls then guys

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