How much should a healthy 14 year old 5' 3'' girl weigh?

I’m teased at school ALL the time for being really skinny, but I think that im fine. Im NEVER sick and my dad is really thin too. Can you help me out?

Answer #1

im 5’3 almost 14 and I weah 98lbs people tease me cause im skinny too but I just say id rather be skinny than fat, people pick me up all the time and it makes it easier for guys to carry me. I like the way I am I think your good

Answer #2

well ii am 14 and im 5’5 and ii weiqh bot 109. soo you could basically weiqh w.e but sumtimes it depends on da heiqhht.

Answer #3

i am 14 and 5ft3 to and i weigh 6st 5lb’s people say that is skinny but actually it is pretty normall

Answer #4

well i weigh 88lb’s and that good for a 14 year old so your normall too

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