Who has used sixstar or bodyfortress creatine from wal-mart?

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I haven't used those particular kinds, but reading here:

and having used "generic" creatine...as long as it's got the right stuff in it, the product will help *slightly* more than working out without supplements.

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They dont really work in the long run. For short term use of creatine it does help develop muscles faster. The only problem is after you stop taking creatine, your muscles will become wobbly because what creatine actually does is that it makes you muscles absorb more water. So in other words, when you take creatine, you are making muscles out of water lol

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I use body fortress protein powder, i dont suggest getting creatine because its just too much money for what its worth, all it does is help repair faster, which can be a good thing don't get me wrong, but it really wont help you get passed a "plateau" if you cant go up in weight anymore.

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Yeah, I should probably just stick w/ whey protien and a multi-vitamin. But I don't want to waste my money on these wal-mart brand whey protiens if they don't work.

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