Why does this site suggest updates get faster answers than questions?

Answer #1

Because people seem to get extremely mad when there questions go to updates so it’s just informing them that there question will still be answered.

Answer #2

ah, thank you.. still doesn’t tell me why one would get faster answers than the other. depends which section users browse more id imagine.

Answer #3

well its not tru cuz my quesion went to an update and never got answered

Answer #4

Some people’s questions don’t get answered either…but that’s not FunAdvice’s fault. Maybe nobody knew how to answer your post, or it didn’t interest them.

Answer #5

Unless I’m the only one not reading the question properly, I think he means “why status updates receive a higher response then questions” …..To answer your question, I think questions made the brains work harder when answering questions as you would think factual information is required and not just members’ opinions, therefore this limits those who are not very knowledgeable on the subject to no answer the questions (thanks goodness for that)……Status updates get answered more as these are easier and brain-dead stuff which only requires members to answer them based / using on their opinions and no rocket science degree required.

Answer #6

nope. what i meant was.. once when i posted a question it switched it to an update and instead of saying thanks for posting, it said something like congratulations you just posted an update which will get faster responses than a question. don’t quote me but it said something to that effect. I kinda get what your saying but i wouldn’t say that all the questions that get switched to updates are based on the content when they are immediately filtered that way, i gather the rest of the time they are switched by admin.. no rocket science degree indeed ha!

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