Why do I keep getting points for answers I supposedly gave on questions that I did not answer?

I’ll click the “answer” link in my alerts drop-down thing and it’ll take me to a question VERY similiar to one that I know I did answer, but I didn’t answer the one my link was for.

Answer #1

its doin the same on mine. who knows.

Answer #2

Are you complaining? Free points :L

Answer #3


Answer #4

You got points for an answer, then the question was moved to a status update - the alert sends you to the closest matching question since the question you actually answered no longer qualifies as a question.

Answer #5

It’s probably just a glitch thats what i think.

Answer #6

Makes sense.

Answer #7

That’s what I was thinking! I don’t free points, lucky.

Answer #8

I don’t GET free points, lucky. Typo.

Answer #9

I wouldnt consider them “free” I mean I gave an answer to a question that WAS a question, but probably was asked a few times beofre because it got sent to the updates. I’m not “complaining” i’m wondering what’s going on. Excuse me.

Answer #10

Ah, ya…at some point, we need to fix that…b/c the link should get updated to point to the update page…

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