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What can I do to help my little sister when she is being bullied?

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My 13yo sister is unfortunatly having a really hard time in school just now. The group that she hangs around with have two or three really mean girls who are trying to exlude her. She has two friends in the group as well but they are all too scared to stand up to the bullies. She doesn't have a lot of confidence as it is and she has tests coming up which she is scared about. Me and my mum and my dad are all for going into the school and reading the riot act and then going around and beating up theses girls and their parents (metaphorically) but my sister doesn't want us to, obviously. Me and my sister really get on and i want her to be happy, but i don't know what to do. The only advantage i have over these little b!tches is that i have accidentely become one of the cooles big sisters. I really need some help here.