What is the simplest recipe with not alot of ingrediants for fried pickles?

Answer #1

Lol. Snooki Much? Sorry. I Have No Idea Never Even Tried Them.

Answer #2

i didnt get it from jersey shore. iwent on a trip and had them and i really liked them. i wish i asked the recipe

Answer #3

All they are, are pickle spears in a seasoned breading. You can be pretty experimental with how you season the breading. You can also use a batter (not unlike one you would use for fish), if you want a thicker crust.

Answer #4

I make these weekly…its my biggest pregnancy craving. Its fairly simple….slices of pickles, dipped in bread crumbs, add salt, pepper, and other seasoning to your taste and fry in oil until they are golden brown. Only takes a few minutes.

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