Possibly true that if you dream of someone that they dream of you?

Ok so I was wondering if it’s maybe possibly true that if you dream of someone that they dream of you?also I have something that I need to deal with but I don’t know how it’s driving me crazy; Ok so I had a dream about someone who I knew a long time ago and had thought that I had forgotten about that person,never talked to her,never seen her,never heard from her in years,and now all of a sudden I have a dream about this person and it was a very nice dream and it felt so real and now I just can’t shake this person from my head I can’t stop thinking about this person and it’s driving me nuts I mean I know where this person lives but we just lost contact with each other that I don’t go anywhere near that persons house and the person was very dear to me and now I don’t know what to do to get that person outta my head =( So any ideas on what I should do??help would be appreciated..

Answer #1

Well with me if I have a dream more than once it will happen

Answer #2

I agree, it may be a sign, maybe something in your life that reminded you of her or something is going on in her life and she needs you or something. either way, if she is really that dear to you and you lost touch, try to contact her and see what’s up.

Answer #3

Possible… that would be awesome, because I have dreamt about famous people… somehow I REALLY doubt that they dreamt about me…

Only if…

Answer #4

I think dreams are like fate. One time I had a dream that my crush was going to call and ask me to the movies and the next day that happened and now we are dating

Answer #5

Omg All Those Stuff You Said Happen 2 Me Like 4Realz XD But That Person I’m Talking Dont Like Like Just Like ^_^ But I Do Like Like Her Friend I Think of Her Everyday She My Dream Girl Someday 2 Be My girlfriend :D

Answer #6

this is interesting, it could be fate. who knows maybe something you were thinking about randomly reminded you of her & now shes meant to be stuck in your head. its probably a sign to get in touch with her. behind dreams are a lot of meaning, good luck!

Answer #7

fau is right dreams are just your brain trying to save memories from the day into your subconcious and sometimes we make those dreams in what we want them to be dreams are no sign of the supernatural

Answer #8

I say nope

Answer #9

I think its just like a sign telling you nt to forget bout her it seems like you used to have strong feelings for this person and you shudnt try to forget bout her

Answer #10

dreams represent the subconsciousness. If you have ever felt something, and your mind/intellect valued it enough, you dream it. So that must mean, that somehow, the very best of you believes you should get together. If you trust yourself, then you must do this. However, you must also separate “dream” from “fantasy”.

Answer #11

I think you should go to that person’s house to catch up on things. it could lead to something good.. FATE.. :]

Answer #12

I had a dream about an EX that told me she didnt want anything to do with me. and in my dream she came back to me. we didnt break up on bad terms or anything but she just doesnt want to be my friend. in the dream she hugged me and when I woke up I felt like she was still holding on, like I literally felt it. I havent thought about her or had a memory about her in months then this popped up out of nowhere! what could this mean?

Answer #13

SCREAMS I really hate that word yes the f word by f word I mean fate!! fate can go f off ^__^ there.. anyway

I would love for it to be true. I have had many many dreams about a girl I’ve loved for so many years and I would love for some of those feelings and words to be interlinked between us… but well I cant know so

about wanting to see her what the heck why arent you seeing her whats holding you back? if shes close to you you musnt be afraid to go to her you dont need some silly reason to go do it. just drop by and say hey I was thinkin about you the other day ( sometimes saying you dreamed about someone can freak them out.. but if you wanna drop the hint that you like her that could be a cute way of doing so). but really check up on her say you wanted to talk to her see whats going on in her life. whats it going to hurt??

Answer #14

I dont think its fate, because you make your own destiny, your own dream , what ever you want to do thus deaming fate false.

Answer #15

Yuh, maybe you were so close to this person that its about time to get in touch with her.

One of these days, you might see her. It’s a small world. The dream might come true! You must have a picture of this person to where you want to see her. It’s possible that she could’ve been thinking about you while dreaming.

It all depends though. You should get in touch with her. You still have her phone number? Or, how about email address? Something. Good luck and hope you find one another.

Answer #16

you will probably end up seeing this person within a few days. this happens to me a lot. I dream of someone that I haven’t seen for awhile. and then within about a week I either see them or hear from them., I’ve learned to be expecting to see them ahahaha., let me know if you get in contact with her.!

Answer #17

My mom is sick and last night I woke up crying my grandson and his new puppy ran out of my moms hpousre and I followed him to my grandparents house who have been dead for 15 and 10 years.once inside pappy was sitting in a playpen smiling and my nanny was on the couch sitting and I said nanny why are you here and she smiled and said its time .I come for your mom and I just woke up crying.My mom has 3 large masses thats just developed

Answer #18

Possible, but not always true of course. I mean what if I dream of someone and that person does not know me at all? But one time, I dreamt about this girl kissing me in a hallway. It felt real and she told me how she felt in the dream. The next day, I started to look at her more often, and she did seem to like me a lot. I never noticed that until the dream. I didn’t ask her out though, because I didn’t like her that much.

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Answer #20

I dreampt of an ex of mine from 10 years ago. But when mutual friend showed me a recent picture he looks completely different. If I had seen in the dream how he looked now that might be proof that dream him was there, but I did not. I’ve also had dead relatives in my dream and IF ghosts exist they couldn’t really dream without bodies.

Answer #21

I believe that all brains have a communication system within in them, and so it might be true about the “if you dream about some one, then they dream of you” theory, haha I know that this sounds very strange, but its my opinion. And a lot of times when you have lost contact with some one the brain will try to substitute them with a dream or a memory of the past and the fun that you had because its so use to seeing them and interacting that if takes a long time to forget? did that make any sense???

Answer #22

I say it’s possible. Not even science knows exactly WHAT dreams are or why we have to dream to live. Maybe it’s an alternate reality and we’re connected mentally and spiritually. very good question, makes you think!

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