Sick puppy- 5 days old

We have a litter of pitbulls and one puppy has a swollen abodmen that is hard. Seems like she’s having some kind of organ failure because she isn’t going to the bathroom much (we stimulate her areas because the mother is not paying attention to her), and bottle feeding. She has feed from the mother but is now just falls from the teat. Lower legs are curled up tight. We are keeping her warm but she cries through everything. Lower half is really dark as if there is no blood circulation. Is this Puppy doomed?

We had another puppy that had something similar the day before. The vet gave it fluids and an antibiotic. She said to REINTRODUCE the puppy to the mother. We didn’t agree but it was a ‘professional’ opinion. The puppy didn’t make it. The mother snapped on it.

Any advice will help. We are starting to realize that this puppy isn’t going to make it.

Answer #1

I’d say this puppy is just suffering…did you do any researching on the net to see if you can figure out what’s going on?? Why you’re losing puppies??


Answer #2

Bring it to the vest again that would be the best! keep it company and pay a lot of attention to her like you are and rub her tummy a little if the vet dosent know what is is just comfert the p=puppy… awww it makes me want to cry I have lost a lot fo puppies :(

Answer #3

I would say if the puppy is not going to make it the humane thing to do would be to euthinaze it instead of making it go through a long painful, starving death. If you did not like the vet before try going to a new one and see what they say. Where I work we do Necropsy’s on animals because sometimes the owner wants to know why they dead, and sometimes our doctors will ask the client if it is ok so the doctors can confirm what they saw on x-ray or ultra sound. I hate to say this but nature knows best and usually when a mother is pushing a pup away then something is very wrong.

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