10 day old puppies

Once the puppies open there eyes what can they eat because there mom is no longer feeding them?

Answer #1

mum should still be feeding them when she knows they need feeding. when they are about 3 1/2 weeks old start them on soft food. They need to be fed 4 times a day. I always give my puppies warm weetabix in the morning, and maybe again inthe evening. In between start them on either softened dry food, or puppy meat from the supermarket. Once you start then try and encourage them to start lapping water from a dish. Mum can still continue feeding until she knows its time to stop.

Answer #2

When the puppies eyes open is too soon for them to be eating on their own? How old are they? What kind of dog? The earliest I have been able to start puppies and feel ok about it was about 3 weeks.

I would check with your vet because there may be something (there is) that he can give her to stimulate her milk. Oxytocin or something. I would really be checking with the Vet on this.

I have bottle feed puppies but it is really hard on you and the pups at such an early age. Plus I have learned to check with my Vet, so often he has a much better solution.

Answer #3

yuu put water in puppy food

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