How do you take care of a 4 day old pitbull puppy

How do you take care of a 4 day old pitbull puppy.can you please help me

Answer #1

Some dogs it is every two hours of feed ing I agree with the person above me call a vet and set up a plan also you might need to help simulate their bowls I am not sure as I dont have a pit. ask the DR about it

Answer #2

Oruchimaru123, you need to find a new vet.

Answer #3

you need to get puppy replaement milk. and a bottle or syringe, You may even need to tube feed the baby, your best bet is to call your vet and set up appointment to find out the weight of the puppy and what is the best plan for the pup. you need to feed like every four hours. Good luck and please call your vet

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