How many of you that have siblings, wish that you were an only child & why?!

For me, it’s like I cant even say anything without my brother ripping into every word I say even when speaking to someone else…it’s like he has to control everyone’s conversation & last words! I feel as if when he is in the room, I rather just walk away & not ever speak to him…How many of you guys have a sibling like that? How do you deal with that animosity towards you if you do feel this way?

Answer #1

I would never wish it, personally…I love my sister to death…I’m lucky that way

Answer #2

I wish i was an only child more than anything. I was one for 6years until my brother came along >.> I tried to kill him when he was a newborn -_- thats how much i hated him. I like being the only one, i dont like sharing attention, i want it to be about me & only me. So i guess im the bad guy to my siblings, im always taking my parents away from them, i dont completely hate them, i just wish they weren’t here :/ im selfish :) I’ve always been like this, so my parents try to give me the most attention when they can & when im gone they give it to the little butt munchers :P My parents also say things to make me feel better like that im their princess & when people ask them if im the oldest they say yes but than say “but shes our baby” & that im the favorite :D :D :D :D it makes me happy :$ <3

Answer #3

i dont.. i just recently met my two sisters and brother.. so im very greatful. they are awesome =D

Answer #4

I’m an only child and I really really wish I had an older sister >.< I have a 26 year old step sister but she doesn’t count cuz everyone in my family hates her and she’s a HUGE f*ck up, lol.

Answer #5

id rather be ignored by my parents and have them pay attention to my older bro if anything…

Answer #6


Answer #7

ill be your sister :3

Answer #8

Okay! =D Yayyyy xD

Answer #9

I’m an only child. I used to wish I had a sibling since I’d get lonely but really thinking about it I’m so happy I am. Mostly because I have my mom all to myself and I don’t need one more person to get on my nerves in my life lol

Answer #10

You tried to kill him? Jeez Irene lol. How did you do that?

Answer #11

lol O= can i be yurzez younger sister? lol i feel left out o.O

Answer #12

I have three sisters. I think it’s given me a better understanding of women that I would otherwise have :)

Answer #13

you guys are lucky to have siblings im an only child and my brothers dead. Its lonely and u feel so ..on your own in the world.

Answer #14

i used to hate my siblings but im starting to get on better with my siste but my brother will always be a useless lump of sh!t in my eyes =)


Answer #15

No offense, you sound kinda spoiled.

Answer #16

I would never wish that. yea sometimes I don’t get enough attention or I get blamed for things they do. But in the end I still love them, and they are my sister and brother.

Answer #17

Yup, i am :] & not “kinda” but REALLY spoiled :P

Answer #18

yes you are irene thats why everyone loves you :P


Answer #19

I agree with colleen, there’s bad days but there’s mostly really good fun days. Wouldnt give it up for the world XP

Answer #20

There are times where my siblings are extremely annoying, but I don’t want them to go away ever.

Answer #21

yeah, you are sweetie…I wish i was that lucky.

Answer #22

i dont ever, i love my brothwe ro death, were more like bestfrieds

Answer #23

i love my siblings. we may drive each other crazy, but we have so much fun together. my sister is my bestfriend.

Answer #24

Sometimes i do, for like a second and than i realize without my sister id be totally alone. soo no i would never “wish” that. because one day they might not be there anymore, and you’ll think back on that one moment where u wished they werent there and you’ll feel really bad

Answer #25

its tough, im the oldest of 3 and my 2 younger bros pee me off like you wouldnt belive but i love them and i love their children cus im uncle maf :)

Answer #26

Matty, your siblings are lucky to have an understanding brother like u…not like mine, who has held on to a grudge for 20 years because of misunderstanding of going out with friends on the same night your parents did & were told to put him to bed then go out…which I did…only to find out i got home before they did & he was up…chilling with the security guard yet refuses to let it go for 20 years! making me pay for it every day of my life for the past 20 years…snowballing from one issue to another, blaming me for everything & constantly laughing in my face for him my being my mothers angel while me being the black sheep in the family!! Unreal!! :(

Answer #27

you are lucky to have one like that…i dont know that many people that have close relationships with their siblings! Hold on to that! :)

Answer #28

You guys are getting off topic here :( How do you deal with the animosity like that from a sibling like that? :(

A sybling that no matter how you have tried to bond refuses to let things go for 20 years no less & counting…its like he is trying to control me & the house causing unnecessary drama in the home & my parents are fed up but can say a word to him bcz my mom is afraid she will loose him…he disrespects my father whom has congestive heart failure and is making him sick! I am asking for your input on how you would go about dealing with this bcz he is just too much to handle. :(

I am out of my mind on how to deal with him anymore.

Answer #29

I wish i was because my older sister (20) yearss old messed up harcore in life an my middle sister (14) years old is fallowin in my older sisters footsteps so my mom is goin harcore on my as$ to make sure i dnt turn out like them

Answer #30

twen……ty, a twenty year grudge 0_0 thats a lil over the top.. me and my youger bro had a fight a few years ago, he called the police, bla bla but we still made up and we put it behind us. we are all pains in the arse to each other but we always manage to sort it out :) and bless, you shouldnt have to take that from a family member cus it aint right.

Answer #31

It’s the same thing for me, just make the point that you’re your own person and that you have your own way other than ur sister’s. (:

Answer #32

Tell it to him str8. Get urfamily to back you up and put him in line, if he doesnt like it oh well, its his problem.

Answer #33

that’s the thing, my dad’s too sick and was told by my mother not to get involved bcz she was handling it, so he grew up this way…and he cant deal with it now he is 73 years old! As for my mother…she is too scared to tell him”take ur damn dogs & leave me alone to live my life!” for she is so petrified of him leaving her. He is her lifeline…she lives, breathes and all just for him! She could careless about my dad or me…as long as she has him…so she will nev go against him no matter what! As for me, I have tired for 20 years…to talk did nothing…he closes off and just keeps repeating it…then walking away…he is a spoiled arrogant little piece of scum…(yeah it hurts to say it that way but he is…) All he cares about is when my dad will pass on…so he can control my mother, her money & live the life he has always dreamed of…til then he mooches off them, took their car as his private car…so they need to ask him when its ok for them to be using it…he doesnt work…he goes out all night & sleeps all day while my mom has to deal with his dogs(a new puppy doberman now almost 7 months old ) She cant take it…he cant take it I cant take it but no one can say a word to him about it bcz of her! it makes their life impossible & unbearable…I just dont have any more ideas left! :(

Answer #34

thnx sweetie…I agree…I am just out of ideas…I dont know what to do with him to make it right & he doesnt seem like he is willing to even talk about it…he could careless…as long as he literally gets away with anything & everything! that’s why i feel like just giving up. If he wants to continue this way one day he will find himself alone as I have been for the past 20 years with or without him in my life…sad…bcz my own mother didnt even want more kids if i wouldnt hv insisted he wouldnt even be here…there is like a 9.5 year old age difference between us. he is a spoiled brat…who gets away with everything & he knows it so he does it on purpose & just doesnt gv a damn about whom gets hurt in the process! :(

Answer #35

How old are you guy? If you dont mind my asking.

Answer #36

I am girl, like it is says on my prof…female 35…(why would I mind you asking..I am what I am, no sense lying about age) :P Was just trying to find other ways to deal with my sibling…it just saddens me the way things are! :(

Answer #37


Answer #38

I have 5 sisters, 3 older and 2 younger. My older sisters bully me and my younger sisters annoy the heck out of me :// however, we DO share some good moments and memories and having my big family often makes me known around town and is a great experience for me. So my answer is yes, I hate them at times but I would never want to be an only child.

Answer #39

i havee two older brothers and one younger sister.i do wish i was an only child becausee they treat me difefrent sincee im thee middlee child and i havee everyones hopes and dreams on me and no onee ever pays attention too yeaah sometimes i do wish i was only child.

Answer #40

i have 3 sisters and two brothers. i only want my oldest sister to disapear shes killing me and ruining my life..literally! but i love my brothers, they are sooooo funyy(: and i love my 2 sisters, one of them is a year younger than me and i love her so much shes amazing, and my older sister is 5 years older than me and we tell each other everything shes amazing as well, but my oldest sister is 25 and i despise her.

Answer #41

I love my sister immensely too. We still (in our 30s) don’t always see things the same way, but we always know that there is someone in the world that we can always count on. I think the older we get, the more we appreciate.

Answer #42

ya thanks :)

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