Do you like having siblings?

Someone asked me if I had a sister, and I said I was an only child. He said that must suck… I like being an only kid… So thoughts? Would you rather be an only child or have siblings?

Answer #1

I am the youngest of 5. I love my sister and brothers. my sisters 15 years older than me! 1st bro 14 years older 2nd bro 10 years older and 3 bro 5 years older. ya we all fight sometimes but I love having a big family!

Answer #2

well im an only child (well sort of, my sisters are 25 and out of the house) but I think it would be fun to have a younger sibling because I really love kids!

Answer #3

Me and one sister are about a year apart. We were closest friends until she turned 11 or 12, then she turned complete…ummm, female dog. And I think she’s been getting into stuff she shouldn’t.

Me and my baby sister, 5 years apart…never been so great. There was a time recently I thought that had changed, and we were starting to trust each other, but she went all moody one day. I seriously think that she inherited my mom’s bipolar disorder.

My baby brother. 10 years younger. Don’t want him dead. Just sometimes wished he never existed in the first place.

Answer #4

well I love my older sister but hate my little sister. my little sister is such a at times I wish I was an only child but I love my older sister & I have so much fun with her & we help each other. so at I must say yes. but don’t put your self down

Answer #5

At times I wish I was an only child for I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. We fought allot my sisters and I but not enough to want to kill them. There were times where I wanted to kill them then again, I didn’t want to do that. I tried not to stay mad long and I also tried to be patient with one of my sisters who was so immature for her age since she would also make fun of me and such. I love everyone in the family so, my other half of me wouldn’t want to be an only child. Well, I’m 24 now and my sisters and brothers are also grown adults. I never knew what it would be like if I were an only child.

Answer #6

I have 2 sisters, but I wish I had a brother around my age

Answer #7

No, I hate having to live with three stupid sisters -.- kill me please, anyone?:/

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