Should I try out?

im thinking of trying out 4 cheerleading and that doesnt men im going to turn all preppy because im not… but I mite get nervous… I was 1 in 8th grade but we didnt have too try out.. im not really good at gymnastics I can do round offs cartwheels and stuuff.. I just dont want to look stupid doing it any advice?

Answer #1

if you want to then yes! I LUV CHEERLEADING! but im very far from a prep.

Answer #2

Don’t worry if, at times, you look or do things that are stupid. We all have our stupid moments. The key is to have enough confidence in ourselves that we go on and attain success at our endeavors.

Yes, go for it. Give it your best and go on from there no matter what the result is.

Answer #3

If you want to be on the squad, then yes, try out.

Answer #4

YES!!! try out. just smile.. and try your hardest!

Answer #5

Don’t worry about that - be confident and go for it !! Good luck !!

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