Looking for another mmorpg i can try

I tried a lot of mmorpgs over the last few years and ithe only one I keeep playing is conquer 2.0 well I neeed another fun game that a lot of people play I have guild wars , perfect world, conquer, and requiem. And have tried a lot more

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runescapes boring I just plsyed yedturday

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sorry I can't remember a lot of the games I have tried
I try
guild wars
Perfect world
Decide online -ANNOYING
Eudemon online

PC games I tried
Spore Morrowind Oblivion hehee

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tried them both boring and I can't pay cause I have no money at the moment

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alright then thxs I try nvr heard of it is there any mmorpgs that let you like build you own town for like wars online or somethings resembling it not like civilization or spore dose anyone no its gottta be able to use low graphics

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you should've put a list of some so we wouldn't rename them over and over and over and...what am I talking about again? XD How about Gaia's ZOMG? It's kind of cheap and slow compared to other ones, but it's a little different being part of the avtar community site and all.

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