What will happen if I try these methods on my scratched game?

I have a scratched Playstation game that freezes during one cutscene. I’m using it on the new PS2.. the thin one.

Does opening the disc tray during the scene, then closing it skip the scene? that’s all I want to do.

also, if that doesn’t work, will my game be destroyed if I try toothpaste, conditioner, and windex on it (like if one doesn’t work, trying the other right after)?

please help!

Answer #1

I dont do consoles… but cant you just copy and re-burn it?

Answer #2

haha, lol clawjaw ps1 disks are incompatible with a disk drive of a computer which is why there all black.

Answer #3

I’m not sure what the second part meant but I wouldnt try windex or anything..I would go out and get actual cd cleaner and the little thing that looks like an old portable cd player..you spray the stuff on the disc then put the disc in the thing and spin it and it’ll remove scratches…that happened to my brother with his modern warfare two disc but he was able to upload it to the harddrive so it doesnt matter if the disc is scratched or not it will still play.

Answer #4

ok well I’ve just went and got a psx game from my neighbour and put it in my samsung drive and coppied the whole disk to my hdd

so haha yourself blank expression

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