How can I be sure that the show "1000 Ways To Die" features real stories of people's deaths?

Also, how do they get these stories and the rights to reinact them? Just because they change the names of the people they’re allowed to use their stories? And how do they verify all the stories? It seems like a lot of the information they give sometimes is things only the people who are now dead would know. Is some of it fact and some guessing?

Answer #1

Hey, I put this in the “entertainment” category. D:

Answer #2

I like to think they are real people just so it makes me feel a little less wierd in my life lol.But if they are real i think they change there names out of respect and also i dont think any of them would LIKE that idea of being remembered by the strange way some of them die :)

Answer #3

because if it seems real enough, it can happen to anyone. like say if they said a shark cam onto land and killed everyone….. WHAT? scooby doo status right there. but anyone can be a cactus collector, get high, and run into cactusi

Answer #4

Now a days coroners can tell you everything about the person without knowing the person at all. Take this info plus the info from how people found them at the crime scene plus the witness statements you could piece together the small amounts of details needed to finish the story. It only takes investigation. Also if the case is closed in some states for X amount of years it is open to the public.

Answer #5

I watch that all the time. Its like they know how they were before they doed and usually were jerks or it was just bad karma that they dies like that. Watched a h@rny perve santa get stapped in the eye by an ice cikle. It always seems to be a messed up story. Wonder if the stories r true or just the way of death

Answer #6

Yea they are real stories. & they do have the situations dramatized a bit just to keep viewers interest and make it interesting. But how they dies is true.

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