Are any of the deaths on 1,000 ways to die real?

So if you haven’t seen the show it’s basically 1,000 ridiculous ways to die…so my question is has anyone ever died from some of these? I mean some of these stories are way out there and kind of silly, but they have doctors to explain the science part of it which kinda kills the mood. So the fact that they use “doctors” to explain the story and kill the mood kinda makes me wonder if people actually have died like this.

Answer #1

Yes - they’re based on real situations

Answer #2

Sorry…I should say many of them are based on real deaths…the rest are myths

Answer #3

yep But they change the names of the people to keep thair privacy

Answer #4

yes, they r, and attempting to do any of those actions in those situations WILL KILL U

Answer #5

yes all of them have happened sadly

Answer #6

yes they are real and hilarious

Answer #7

lol, someone fell out a window

Answer #8

no….not all of them. most of them havent. i highly doubt someone has ever laughed to death. someone can suffocate but then the body would immediately stop the laughing. and i also doubt anyone has ever died from juping into te water, from any height, and dying due to water shooting up his a$$, ad still having the immense strength to crush all his internal organs. he would die from all of his bones breaking if he hit water that hard haha

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