Do you think that movies can make people fear death more than usual?

We were talking about this in my psych class yesterday - How to prepare a person for death if they are dying. My lecturer said that she thinks movies are to blaim for people’s fear of dying, because movies always make death seem like this ultimate terrible thing, when it really is a natural part of life. Do you agree?

Answer #1

Mmmm nk but then again am scared f aliens thanks to movies

Answer #2

I meant no and the way am preparing for my dads death is by ignoring it

Answer #3

Depends on the sort of movies.

I mean,there are enough heroism movies where people intentionally choose death or deadly peril over boredom, over oppression or whatever.

A lot of eastern movies have themes like the code of honor of the Samurai. Who are not really afraid of dying.

I saw a German road movie once that was about two guys who had deadly cancer and who fled hospital because they wanted to see the ocean before they died.

Look at movies like “Sixth Sense”. Death is not really shown as “worse than life” in that one.

Tell your teacher to watch more movies, other than Hollywood-action-kaboom movies.

Answer #4

Movies may have some influence on how people look at dying, but I think that people were afraid of death long before movies were ever even thought of.

Not all dying people fear death; some perceive it as a release, some as a doorway to a better existence. But, even if there were no movies, some people would fear the ending of their life, as the ending of all they know. The unknown is a very frightening thing to some people.

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Answer #7

Why? What’s it about?

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Answer #9

I watched HereAfter a few days ago. It was probably the only movie to almost make me cry and think twice about life and how fast it can be lost.

Answer #10

not death itself bt the ways of dying

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