Should we take life seriously?

some says life is short .. enjoy your life. So don;t take your life seriously. Even if your are hurt, embrassed don;t take it seriously. Don;t be serious? Is it ok? It seems if don;t take life seriously how can one become mature?? why people say don;t take life seriously?? Is it just the way to get rid of the problem?? Thanks everyone for your time.

Answer #1

Maturity has nothing to do with taking everything seriously. And the overall message here is dont take little things seriously. Especially embarrassment. It isnt the most helpful of feelings is it? You trip and land on your butt. You feel stupid. But how pointless is that. You cant change what happened. People may laugh, but it will be forgotten. And the hurt part. Well if someone did something hurtful, I think the message here is probably forgiveness. Now, that doesnt mean you forget. Or you necessarily trust them again. But forgiveness is generally healthier. And, if you were to die tomorrow, would you forgive this person? If so, well maybe you should get it over with. Anger, hurt, whatever tends to hurt you more than them. Of course there are things in life to take seriously. My priority is school. People have different priorities. But again, you cant expect perfection. A B grade is really not the end of the world. Taking the day off is really important. A healthy balance of priority and fun is important.

Answer #2

Life is precious and you should take it seriously. Seriously laugh until you cry, be with your loved ones, go out in the town, enjoy the simple things, take risks, enjoy the moments, give to the needy, encourage a strager, ect. Because life is short and we all leave a legacy behind, so I encourage you to never settle because God forbid any of us look back on our life and only see regrets of living passively.

Answer #3

Live as if heaven is on earth, Love as if you were never hurt, Sing as though nowon can hear you, Dance like you do when nowons waching.

You only get one life so enjoy it while it lasts. I believe you should travel, eat, and try your best not to let things get to you, even when its really hard. Dont take everything too seriously or life will pass you by meaniglessly.


Answer #4

It depends on what you mean by ‘seriously’. If you mean, that we should attend to our needs and plan for the future, but not obsessively to the point of removing joy from life, then I agree.

If you mean that we should do nothing to ensure our future well being and live only in the present, then that’s what I call ‘stupidity’.

Answer #5

I think people say not to take life seriously because being serious too much sucks the fun out of life. I mean, we only live once why not make it fun for you and for the people you are close to?

this is not to say that we ONLY should have fun. I think that there are times we need to get serious, but there are times we shouldn’t. whatever it is, we need to be responsible for our own actions.

Answer #6

Exactly…some subjects in life MUST be taken seriously and handled maturely…going through life ‘Whatever’, doesn’t hack it.

Answer #7

people say it because 1 minute your off to the shop to pick up some bread and the next minute your hit by a bus and die.

Answer #8

We should begin by asking if you want to have your question taken serioiusly

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