Should there only be one religion?

Should there only be one religion? curious what people think

Answer #1

People should feel free to believe whatever they want to believe. However, I wish that everyone could believe in peace and not let their views become more important that acting kindly and gently to everyone.

Answer #2

What josh911 said, lol

Believe it or not, way back when there actually was only 1 religion, pantheism, basically the root of all druid, pagans, & other such types of religions, beliefs.

Answer #3

what would be the point. Even christians should say no to this cause thats a sign of the antichrist. besides no one has the right to tell me what to believe or not believe

Answer #4

haha, there SHOULD only be one religion. the problem is that nobody knows which one is the right one. so there’s lots, of options to choose from, and everybody needs to sift through them via prayerful study, and make a choice. oh, the joys of religion.

Answer #5

I’m less concerned by the number of religions as I am about the number of religious followers of any particular religion.

When you get one group big enough, they start trying to force their beliefs on everyone else. 5 billions religions, each with 1 follower, would be preferable to the way things are now.

Although given my choice, I’d choose zero religions.

Answer #6

Ideally, none - through people realising just how silly religion is, not through forced conversion. Failing that, as many as possible, with as small a total population of believers as possible.

Answer #7

They just need to view it the way it SHOULD be… as philosophies to improve your OWN life… not others.

Answer #8

As far as I’m considered one religion would be one too many.

That said, if people are going to be religious I’d rather there be a multitude of religions. I hate for any one religion to be a monopoly.

Answer #9

Who gets to choose?

How about FSM for that single religion? (Flying Spaghetti Monster)

Answer #10

Actually there should either be many (like now), or there should be NONE. Until one of the proposed deities actually comes down to Earth, IN PERSON, and establishes the ONE religion personally.

But then again… that would defeat the purpose of religion anyway.

Answer #11

Im agonistic. there shouldnt be any religion. I think there would be more peace because no one would be fighting about if god ir real, or that your god is fake, or whatever. I cant really say if god is real or not but I decided not to think about and live on with my life =)

Answer #12

LOL @ ethmer


Answer #13

that’s kinda what pantheism is

Answer #14

No. Should there be only one flavor if ice cream?

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Answer #15

Yes. The correct one. and wich pray-tell is that one?

Answer #16

* Believe it or not, way back when there actually was only 1 religion, pantheism

Sorry, but I don’t believe it. Animal based religions are probably the earliest…ancestor based religions probably 2nd, and various celestial based religions probably 3rd (which are the root of the most popular modern religions).

Answer #17

Yes. The correct one.

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