Are you glad that Obama won?

So long days of freedom, Im moving to Canada!!!

Answer #1

As a conservative Christian, I have to say, no, I am not glad, and that has nothing to do with his race, but, everything to do with what he stands for and believes, concerning biblical topics.

And with the 3-5 supreme court justice postitions that will more than likely be up for nominations… this election will effect us for at least the next 50 years or so.

God gives the people what they want, but, that may not always be what they need.

How can we expect Gods blessings.. when we go against his word.. on issues that he addresses plainly?

God never goes against his word… and if we do, then, we have to pay the price for it.

And we can be assured, that sin takes us farther than we want to go, keeps us longer than we want to stay, and costs us more than we want to pay.

When God tries to get our attention, and we fail to listen, consequences always follow.

We never come out of bondage, until we repent of our sins, and cry out for forgiveness.

Answer #2

The people spoke and they will indeed see change - whether positive or negative, we shall see.

Answer #3

im SO FRIGGEN GLAD OBAMA WON! and fyi dakota23…obama wont tax businesses. unless they ship jobs overseas. I wouldnt be worried about obama. unless you like having a successful country lol. GO OBAMA!!!

Answer #4


That’s the problem with this country and the REASON why I am glad that Obama won in the first place. Sepertatin of Church and State. It is supposed to be that way, yet we have always had a christian in the white house that brought God into politics.

Answer #5

nooo!!! are economy is going to go down even worse because he is going to tax business owners way more making them close down!

Answer #6

that’s funny… given that canada is more liberal and socialist than Obama… I’d think you’d pick another country, but do pack warm… it’s a little cooler than it gets in california…

Answer #7

I’m glad obama won. This country is in need of some definate changes, I dont agree with all of his ideas, but I definatly agree with him more than McCain. I seriously think Palin ruined him with her ignorance and stupidity though. People said she was down to earth, that’s because she had no clue what she was talking about.

Answer #8

I think I am going to have myself and my firearms transported to BORNEO. I am not glad he won. but as a democratic society we must go with the wishes of the majority- whether we feel the decision was right or wrong- I do not see any unification of the two parties- the country remains split more or less evenly. obama has a lot of hard work ahead of him indeed.

Answer #9

i <3 Obama.

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