Should my son see his father if his father is a sex offender??

My son is 4 and I am 18 so that means I had my son when I was only 14. The father was 19 at that time and is now 24. My parents and the local DHHS office just now decided to file stat. rape (thats what they used to call it) on him but it didnt pass because they waited too long. The state is now requiring him to register as a sex offender (he also has had sex with more than 7 other girls under the age of 16 no matter how old he gets he still finds girls in that age range)and I have been trying to recieve child support ever since my son was born because the father stopped buying things for him and stopped seeing his son but only twice a year. My question is now since he is registering as a sex offender will my son be able to go around his dad without me being around or what because Im not clear of all the rules on him being a sex offender.

Answer #1

I’m not saying what he did was right by any means, but from what you sais he like young teen girls, not little boys so I think your son would be safe, but I would strart with supervised visits before moving to anything else.

Answer #2

I dont really know nothing bought the rules but if he wants 2 c him have him go 2 ure house.if I was 2 be in ure situation I wouldnt let him by himself with my chid.

Answer #3

Well hell its not like he was raping little boys! They should let him see his son and if he wants to you should let him. I dont know the laws or rules but I would think it was on a case by case basis.

Could you answer my question for me

Answer #4

if I were you I would not let him near the father because kids start to copy at a young age and if he is around the sex offender then it is very dangorous remember the apple dont fall to far from the tree

Answer #5

I think ultimately, the decision will be left in your hands. if you went to court saying you don’t want him to have his son alone- they would probably see to it that it was always supervised.

what he is doing is wrong, but like misslady said its not like hes touching little boys. he just has a thing for younger girls. which I’m NOT agreeing with I think its horrible ESPECIALLY if he gets older and continues to do it. I just dont think legally they will tell him he’s not aloud to see his son without you being there or another supervisor if you agree to let them spend alone time.

Answer #6

hi I think they will probably let him see his son but through a special centre were he cant take him out of the room they only get an hour x

Answer #7

honestly do what is in you childs best intrist because I was a victim in that same senerio. And know I am going through legual problems.

Answer #8

I would neva eva let him be alone with my child. and plus. I advise you to let him come to your house. and when he goes there have a male that you trust because he is still a rapist and can attck you at anytime. also dont allow him to hit the kid or teach him anything about life or anything at all matter of fact. please listen to me cus I dont want anything bad to happen to you

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