Should I tell my mother im alwayas depressed?

Im always depressed I don’t know why I get made fun of most of the time… I don’t know if I should tell her cuzz she will get woried and send me to a councler… I just dont know what the right thing to do… I resolved to sleeping my missery away… I don’t know should I tell my mom???

Answer #1

yes you should because if you tell her she could get you some help soo you can stop being depressed

Answer #2

Yes. I would tell your mom. When we are depresed and it seems like the whole world is on top of us we have to let soeone know so we know that we have someone be there for us. I know sometimes we don’t want to like talk to a cauncelor or nothing but sometimes we have to accept that we need it.

I myself before I dodn’t want to accept that I need it someone to talk to but I do!! and I still do get help and I know I need someone to talk to. They are there to listen and to help yu and also not critizise you in anyway.

If you just want to take it slow there is a chat advice that is really helpful and helped me trough hard times.

Here you can have someone listen closely and whit care so you understand that and moments like that everything will be ok.

And if you just want to talk. Fun mail me.

good luck!:)

Answer #3

YES!! Offcourse you should. You say like going to a councillor is a bad thing- trust me you need to talk about your problems. Councillors are trained to deal with subjects like deprresion and will help in the best way they can.

The first step is telling your Mum. She is probably the closest person to you in your live and she will care about you immensly. She wants what is best for you and that is te get the help you need and deserve. Doing this alone will get you knowere. Actually, I will correct myself- the problem MAY resolve naturally although it will resolve quicker and mroe efficiently with a better outcome if you get some help from someone- even if it’s just talking to your mum, a friend or anyone else.

Don’t want to depress you even more but things like these get worse if you just leave them. Please get help for yours and everyone else’s sake.

Answer #4

see with me I would talk to my mom but my mom is never home so I could talk to her… I pull mysekf out of things I like to do cus ther no longer fun anymore… I don’t know I want to but I don’t know if she can take it I have always been depressed I think I have been for about half a year then I started geting into the whole dark and depressed thing… ummm thanxxx for the advice… bye :(

Answer #5

I think that you should definitely let your mom know about how you’re feeling and the fact that you’re getting made fun of. Feeling depressed and alone with feelings can be extremely difficult. And, well, someone should know about the fact that other people are hurting your feelings so that they can help to put a stop to this all.

As said, your mom does care about you a lot. If she offers to take you to a counselor, try it out and see how it goes. It may be more helpful for you than you think.

Take care.

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