Should I tell anyone I have my period?

I am 14 and I have had my period for about two years now. No one in my family knows and I don’t want to tell them. I usually just take some of my mom’s or brothers girlfriends tampons and use them but I don’t all the time because they would notice them gone, so I also just wad up tolet paper. Im fine with this, but sometimes it can be stressful. Well my question is, Why should I tell anyone? and if I don’t, what could possibly go wrong?

Answer #1

Why are you so scared of telling your mom?

Answer #2

what can possibly go wrong everything tell your mom and quick she needs to know and so she can help you better and buy your own tampons and pads

Answer #3

I got my period in 5th grade, and I lived with my grandma, so I had to tell her. the first person I told was my bestfriedn, and she showed me where her moms pads were, then when I got home about after adn hour I got up the nerve to tell my grandma…

Answer #4

Uhm toilet paper is not hygenic. If you dont tell them soon, they will take you to the doctor to make sure everything is ok. I’ll be the voice of moderation here, I’m not too worried about your mother being cheated out of anything or her trusting you, but seriously it isnt a big deal. Just tell her.

Answer #5

Yeah , you should tell your mom / parents ( I find it awkward telling my dad ) . Only to very close people in fact , like family . If you don’t…well , I’m not sure . Your parents may ask you why you haven’t told them . So , I honestly think it’s better just to tell them . Hoped this worked(: .

Answer #6

Nothing wrong with having periods. You’re supposed to get them!

I say tell your mum, that way you can get all the proper stuff you need (tampons/pads/advice).

If you really really don’t want to tell anyone, I guess 5 centuries ago nobody used tampons, so technically you can survive without them. But it’s really important to remember that there are some potential health risks in using toilet paper… and tissue wasn’t made for that purpose, so the last thing you want is to get to school one day with a spill in your clothes!

I think you’ll be surprised at how supportive your mum can be… If you definitely don’t want to tell her, then maybe you could find another woman you trust?

Answer #7

2 years.. wow If you have been using toilet paper in your underwear wouldnt she notice when there would be blood on your panties sometimes? Most girls, if they don’t start by 15 they see a doctor, and if you do’t your mom will worry. There is nothing to be embarassed about it happens to every girl, your mom knows its going to happen to you why hide it? At least be open with her about it its not sanitary to use toilet paper

Answer #8

sheesh you for real?…so what happens if you are pregnant? gonna hide that too? tell your mom and stop stealing tampons… you lie about this cheat your mom out of her talk about growing up, how can she trust you after that..2 YEARS!!! hide for two years this reality now you stealing, tampons no less…embarrasing…what you gonna do next? grow up little girl

Answer #9

It is not nessary 2 tell your mom. Only when you want to and if you feel contorble you can do it when ever you want it meaby they know they just know you want to keep things quite. I still do that and nobody knows in my famely and it is ok. It just feels better. You can go sometimes alone you can go to the closest store and buy urself some pads or tampons. So don’t overstress about it it’s your body you manage it your way.

Answer #10

you should at least tell your mom so she can get you the proper pads. there’s nothin to b embaressed about trust me. I ve had mine since the 6th grade and im 15 mite seem embaressing to tell your dad but its natural. all girls get it and your mom has it so nothing to worry bout.

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