Spotting a week before period due, and missed period.

Hi, my name is michelle. I was hoping somebody can tell me whats going on, I had a slight bleeding a week before my period,at first it was just pinkish and then few days become brownish. I waited for my period to due and it did not come. So I took a test and it came out negative. now im 2 weeks late, I took a pregnancy test again and still negative. I dont get any sysmptoms though, just a missed of a period and burp a lot (sometimes a little vommit comes out when I burp.) can anyone tell me if this happens to them and whta are the results? Pregnant or sick?

Answer #1

well, has your period ever been late ? perhaps if you have changed your diet, it may be late. the only way to be 100% positive is to get a blood test, sweetie.

Answer #2

your pregnant (:

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