when your on your period, does anyone get aches in your theighs?

Sometimes when I’m on my period, I get aches in my theighs. Sometimes before my period starts and during it. When this happens I just wanna sit down and not move. It makes me feel really lazy. haa.

Answer #1

Your period makes you loose blood. With that, you also loose minerals. Your problems are quite probably deficiency symptoms.

You can fix this with nutrition, or you can take medicatiion. But see a doctor if you want to fix it with a supplement. A doctor will take a blood sample to check exactly what you are missing. Most common for a girl during period: lack of iron (if you’re tired and pale) or lack of magnesium (if you have cramps or other nerve/ muscle problems).

If you want to try nutrition first, search the internet for nutrition values of natural foods and grab whatever you like and need.

Answer #2

Getting aches and cramps in your legs is quite common during your period. Try eating some bananas and getting a magnesium supplement to help with the discomfort.

Answer #3

you should see a doctor and describe your symptoms to him/her they will tell you wether or not its normal you could aslo try asking your mum if she went through the same thing

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