Should guys shave their pubic hair?

im a male and I was wondering if I should shave my pubes. I know I should do what I want, but I was just wondering what all of you girls think out there

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yeah, overit has a great point. if your too scared just trim them watch out for the bumps :-x

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I just trimmed mine and it itches but it makes evrything feel smoother

How to shave my pubic hair
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its really up to you, but my boyfriend shaves and i like the smooth feeling. its also nice not to have pubes in my mouth after giving him oral.

After shaving your pubic hair, what if there is stubble?
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It all depends on what you like.
I, Personally dont like a guy with shaved pubes.
I think Pubes are hott

Do guys like it when girls shave their pubic hair?
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yes, me and my wife totally smooth is the best. put the oil on it's great. oh and yea. let her tigh you up and shave off your chest and leg hair first, whut a turn on, and then the dick and balls go tell me your not excited

Why am I scared to shave my pubic hair?
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It is totally up to you but like bettyboop said, it does make oral s*x a little easier. Also some guys who shave it really learn to love it because it makes their p*nis look bigger.

How to remove pubic hair?
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when ever I do I feel less manly... or bad inside I like being manly even though in gay lol wierd huh

How you grow pubic hair?
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Personally I like no hair because its cleaner but if your to scared to shave it all of then just trim it

How to shave pubic hair without razor bumps?
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wax it alll offf I think girls like it better with no hair what so ever

How do guys like hair down there?
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That bad thing about shaving is, WINTER. It doesn't feel good especially on your beanbag, once the hair starts to get stubbly.

I hope you know what I mean by "beanbag"

Does neosporin help with razor bumps from shaving pubic hair?
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Try using barbers electric shaver with the shortest guard. It makes you look bigger, doesn't itch & leaves enough hair to absorb the inevitable sweat. Shaving with a razor will get you smooth but it itches like hell when it grows back and on a hot day sweating is equally uncomfortable. My wife also uses the electric shaver to keep pub hair short in addition to shaving.

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I think a guy should have some hair there or it'd look pretty weird. I'd say trim it so it's not too bushy.

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I trim mine every once in a while not all off but pretty short it looks good and makes the ladies go crazy
Plus it doesnt itch like crazy

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man!penis is a great gift 4 u
shave it with razor
because cleanliness

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I think they should because like if they have crabs you cant tell if there is a bushhh

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I agree with jbs. It's kind of weird to see a hairless crotch. I think both men and women should simply trim it, not shave (unless they have an abnormal thicket down there). To me, showing SOME kind of hair is more acceptable because it makes you look older(and shows that you're old ENOUGH) and I personally find it more attractive. Also, shaving or waxing before sexual intercourse is not a good idea, as you will be more prone to STD's.

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Just trim it. That way it isnt a jungle, but you dont look like a plaucked chicken :)

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Any doctor will tell you that HAIR is a breeding ground for bacteria on any part of the body. It retains heat which is what bacteria love. Why do you think you have to wash every day, including the hairy areas. Bacteria grows on all of us, and hair provides it with a warm greenhouse effect to encourage growth. When you get near someone who hasn't bath it's the abundant bacteria growth your smelling off of them. It's logical that if you take away the growth encouragement, you take away the bacteria, especially in the pubic area where it's warm and moist, which is ideal conditions for encouraging bacteria growth. NO pubic hair is much more hygienic by far for men AND women, and on a sexual note... who wants hair in their teeth ? Squeaky clean and silky smooth. It's the only way. Guys have to maintain their beards, and women their legs and underarms, so why not just add that area to your daily (or every other day) shaving routine ? My lady hasn't had hair there for years now, and the thought of having to deal with shrubbery during sex is repulsive to me.

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I always use to trim my pubic hair round my and smooth over tests, sides and bottom. At top I use to shave in different shapes, it seems nise and my girl friend also want to see my with a different kind of shape every time. She also dos like that.

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derekallen, I am not gay, but do agree that if I had not pubic hair it would make me feel less manly, I remember years ago a very hairy man saying that to me as well. I took his advice and I have never shaved, waxed or trimmed my pubic hair off ever in my 67 years of life.

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bra get it all off do to the fact hair does carry bacteria, which means if you sweat it would smell. Besides if you shave it all off it looks bigger.

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Yes shave it all

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