should I move to the usa or canada and why

I am thinking about packing up and going for a big move and I am undecided on where I want to move I like the usa but canada has the health care FREE and well the usa dose not and in canada wages are a little lower but cost of liveing is dirt cheap what should I do???

Answer #1

Canada all the way! Depending on where you live you can get snow for half the year, or no snow at all, maybe 1 snow fall a year. Best beer ever. Health care is amazing, minus emergency room lines. BUT it’s free.Give the Canadians a chance.

Answer #2

Go live in the USA

Answer #3

trust me I can go anywhere thats not the issue and I have a visa ,mastercard amex..

You SO didn’t understand the question…

Answer #4

I went to canada a few years ago it was nice very cold winters but nice and yea it doesnt take much to pack up and move ANYWHERE and TY have you even been out of the US its not hard . good luck WIRELESSSHACKER

Answer #5

Depends on which state of the United States you move to… don’t move to my state… especially city. Ya never know when your gonna have to dodge a bullet lol.

Answer #6

trust me I can go anywhere thats not the issue and I have a visa ,mastercard amex… lol yes I know what a visa with my education any country will let me live there actually amsterdam might be what I am looking for

Answer #7

lmfao response …laughing my a@@ off …what I ment was I can afford to live anywheres I want too ;)

Answer #8

you do know you cant just go live somewhere? you need a visa?

Answer #9

USA all the way lol, sorry but canada just blows

Answer #10

SorryBut Canadians Rules and Americans Drool!!!

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