What state would you recommend moving to in the USA from England?

My friend is moving to America (He is 19) and doesn’t have an account but asked to use mine, so I let him, he doesn’t know what state to move to, but really wants to, he has been on holiday to America many times, but doesn’t know where to move to. Any ideas?

Answer #1

mmmmm if i could move to any state it’d be L.A. Cali :) so i can stay in the summer sun or NY cause i love the city and it would probably resemble where I’m from (Toronto)

Answer #2

Move to Avondale, Pennsylvania!! You get a taste of every season here, and we’re really close to Delaware and Maryland:)

Answer #3

There are actually some new townhouses for sale up the road from my house. If he wants to look into that, funmail me :)

Answer #4

The US is a large diverse country. Each region has its own flavor. If I had to relocate elsewhere in the US I think I’d move to New Mexico. There is some incredible scenery and while some parts are impoverished and crime ridden most downtowns are very laid back, artsy, bohemian, and nice. High unemployment so jobs can be a problem. Otherwise I’d stick to the East or West Coast, California is a great but expensive place to live.

Answer #5

Texas, you have land, the beach, entertainment in every direction(: It’s HUGE and great!

Answer #6

Eden Prairie, Minnesota. It has a great economy, It’s family friendly, and there are jobs available. Another place I can think of is Arizona, it does have extreme heat for about 3 months, but it’s a cheap area and you have beautiful weather even during the winter.

Answer #7

Thanks everyone, he is still undecided but this has helped I think

Answer #8

Someone said Birmingham Alabama, whats that like? anyone know?

Answer #9

Texas rocks!! :))

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